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Turn Evening Hum into Family Fun

Start a New Family Tradition: Family Fun Nights! With so many family get-togethers and school holidays on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to explore ideas for activities whole families can enjoy together. How about a balloon race? Or an “opposite” night? Family fun doesn’t have to be …

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Creating Art at Home

Creating art and learning how to appreciate art take place at school, of course. Why not help children unleash their creative abilities at home? Art is an important part of a child’s world. Art is a way for children to express themselves and it also helps them develop their fine …

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Giving Thanks and Making Gifts

Tis the season when the true spirit of giving is often overtaken by a frantic schedule. Before that happens, let’s find ways you and your child can create a more meaningful holiday. Your child’s innate sense of generosity can be expanded as you focus on the activities of giving thanks …

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Winter Nights At Home

The short days of January invite us to “hunker down” and enjoy a cozy evening at home. The calendar seems less hectic after the holidays, and perhaps the children don’t have as many after-school activities. This is a good time to schedule a special evening with the whole family. I …

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The Youngest Artist

It’s the first month of the year and you may still be making room for holiday gifts. In my house, these gifts traditionally included fresh, new art supplies. As the children grew up, the size of the crayon box also grew bigger with new and exciting colors. Then one year …

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Toys and the Boxes They Come In

You’re thrilled with the gift you’ve chosen for your toddler, and you can’t wait to see her open it up. She takes forever tearing off the paper, and becomes enchanted with the ribbon and wrappings. You help navigate the opening of the box and express your excitement over the surprise …

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