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Montessori Classroom and Beyond!

As Montessori teachers, we start the school year by teaching grace and courtesy to the children. We know that grace and courtesy lessons help children become oriented to the prepared environment. We know these activities serve as tools for functioning in the classroom, using the materials, and interacting respectfully with …

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How Children Get the Most from Celebrations

How does your classroom mark holidays? Which do you celebrate in class? How do you decide? There are as many perspectives on holidays in the Montessori classroom as there are teachers! As a community, we’ve come up with so many unique and creative ways to address “special days.” Yet classroom …

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Many Ways to Give

Helen Keller was only seven years old, yet she had already grasped a universal spiritual truth: “For it is in giving that we receive.” (St. Francis of Assisi) How do we help foster in our students the human tendency to want to give to others? What are some suggestions we can give …

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Walking on the Meandering Line

Sanford Jones and Jean Miller* both recall that when Maria Montessori’s son Mario and his wife Ada visited America in the early 1970’s, they were puzzled to see children doing the Walking on the Line exercises on a line in the shape of an ellipse (used in many classrooms for …

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The Importance of the Silence Game

To Montessori’s surprise, when she experimented with this very first Silence Game, the group of over 40 children waited quietly and patiently to hear their names whispered. After they refused the sweets she thought they might need as a reward, Montessori reflected, “They seemed to say, ‘Don’t spoil our lovely …

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