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Sensorial, Math, and Science

Sensorial Sounds

The sensorial curriculum is one of the brilliant foundations of Montessori education. The materials that Dr. Montessori created are elegant in isolating each of the senses, and the Bells are among the most beautiful and fascinating of the sensorial materials. Even if you have no experience with the Bells, or …

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The Magic of Color in the Classroom

Color – the stuff of science and poetry, art and beauty. Children and adults love the magic of color, whether admiring a rainbow, watching a smoothie turn pink when strawberries are added, or just picking the perfect colored shirt to wear. Developing the Chromatic Sense In the primary Montessori classroom …

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Art Appreciation: Child-Size Masterpieces

Discover the joy of introducing art appreciation to children in your classroom. Developed by Aline Wolf and used in hundreds of Montessori classrooms, the Child-Size Masterpieces program includes activities for children of all ages. You, too, can embark on the delightful voyage of introducing beautiful paintings to your students. An …

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The Joy of Geography

One of the many gifts a Montessori education often brings is a life-long enthusiasm for geography. Geography helps children place themselves on Earth, fostering care for the rivers, forests, oceans, and peoples. Physical geography focuses on the features of Earth’s environment. Political geography studies how humans have adapted to the …

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