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How Children Learn

Music Matters

From the soft chimes inside their soft, furry toys to the full orchestration of “Carnival of the Animals,” children learn how to distinguish different sounds, rhythms, and melodies. The soothing songs of lullabies sung by mom or dad help them feel loved and fall asleep. At the same time, children …

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What Do Children Really Need?

In order to survive, humans have basic needs which fall into both material and intangible categories. As parents, we strive to provide these essentials so our children will grow and prosper. The list of necessities is not long, but each one takes conscious time and effort to manage. The Montessori …

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Let Them Help

If you want to have strong, confident, and independent children, let them help! Recently we’ve heard from a variety of sources about the importance of teaching children to be responsible and independent. Books include one by a senator who laments our society’s disappearing adult,* and another by an admiral who …

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Back to Basic Blocks

What’s your first memory of using your toy blocks in a creative way? Did you build a castle, a garage, the perfect house, or just a wall to protect your own space? When I was five years old, I loaded blocks into my little red wagon, and then I lined …

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